We are asking all players to submit at least 5 of their favorite recipes to be included in a Conifer Baseball Boosters cookbook. We encourage them to also submit why the like the recipe (e.g. grandma’s specialty, favorite birthday cake, etc.). The cookbooks will be sold at the snack shack and by the players. More details to come, but start thinking!!


All players participating in Conifer baseball – get your Rockies tickets. It’s our #1 fundraiser. Click here for information.


Season began August 22nd with Double Headers every Saturday. Most games at CHS.



The Conifer baseball program receives $750 per year from Jefferson County. It is the responsibility of the Conifer Baseball Boosters Club to raise the remaining funds needed to run the program including money for purchasing equipment and uniforms, maintaining the field, and paying coaches. The current fundraisers used to accomplish the goal of supporting Lobos baseball are listed below.


All money raised by fundraisers associated with Conifer Baseball Boosters (CBB) are considered donations to CBB and are non-refundable. In some cases (determined by the CBB board), CBB-associated fundraisers may be earmarked for individual players in order to help pay fees or other CBB-associated payments; these earmarked funds are non-transferrable and can only be used for CBB-associated activities. Money earmarked for individual player accounts remain the property of CBB when a player leaves the Conifer baseball program, whether due to high school graduation or other reasons. Money that has been determined by the CBB board to be earmarked for individual player’s accounts and not used for any reason after a player has lost his eligibility (e.g. graduation) can be used for a younger sibling that has demonstrated an interest in playing Conifer baseball.

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Conifer Baseball Boosters is a (501)(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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Conifer High School Baseball


Primary Goals:

1. Financially and with human resources, support the Spring Baseball Program with emphasis and desire to:

  • Develop a winning culture
  • Compete for Conference Title
  • Make State Tournament

2. Financially and with human resources, support Summer and Fall Baseball Programs

3. Provide financial assistance to under privileged students, through jointed effort of both the player and parent in support of the goal of: All dedicated and committed Conifer students that desire to play baseball should be able to without financial obstacles or burden.


Conifer Baseball Boosters  |  P. O. Box 125 Conifer, CO 80433-0125